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Session Breakdown

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Alyx Coble-Frakes

The Agenda

Your Period Is Your Business Superpower!

In 2018 when launching a health coaching company I learned something FASCINATING- I made MORE money in my business when my sales calls happened during Ovulation. That discovery led me on a journey, and I found that I had more or less a desire to work on all aspects of my business depending on the phase of my cycle. Our moods, energies, and motivations are impacted by our hormonal cycle so instead of feeling pushed around by them, we can use them to our advantage!

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Christina Moffatt


Building Resilience Through Reinvention

Businesses that survive have to be resilient and often reinvent. Come learn from Christina Moffatt, a previous bakery entrepreneur on her 12-year journey of running a bakery with lots of competition, becoming a mom, managing family medical needs, operating a business during Covid-19, and road construction. 

McCarthy-Mary-AC-045 - Mary McCarthy Yoga.jpg

Mary McCarthy

Resilience & Grace

Graceful Resilience: Empowerment Through Wellness

We are living in an unprecedented time! More than training, education, or experience, our resilience determines success in all areas of life. When faced with challenges, ambiguity, and adversity, those who practice skills that focus and calm the mind and body refuse to let fear hold them back. They literally break through the barriers keeping them “stuck”, to not only survive but thrive as a result. 


Prepare to experience a unique, integrative approach and increase personal resiliency through your investment in healing and wellness. We will engage, learn, and empower ourselves with tools and strategies that are certain to optimize satisfaction at work and in daily life. All will be inspired, energized, and ready to explore possibilities and integrate practical ways to optimize health, perspective, and graceful resilience as a result of our time together. 


Resilience is not a personality trait or a genetic gift; it’s a set of learned skills, beliefs, and behaviors that we can integrate and cultivate. It is the ability to overcome adversity and move forward. Learn how to reroute the need for control, release stress, and cultivate a resilient mindset. We offer ourselves and each other grace along the way tapping into our innate ability to reset with strategies that can be applied immediately in all aspects of our life. 

Brown-Britney-UETB-005 - Brit Brown.jpg

Britney Brown

Imperfect Inspiration + Copy and Paste DSM + The Brainfetti Box

Let's Tok About It - Tiktok for Small Business

TikTok can feel like the land of dancing teenagers and weird cat videos but when you dig in a bit, you'll find a world of incredible storytellers, companies doing wild things, and folks who are discovering new products, artists, brands, and businesses showing the world the processes behind the product they deliver. 


We'll dive into why TikTok works, how authentic storytelling can up your social media game, and idea generation for what to post about, and then we'll make a TikTok live on stage! 

Headshot-2 - Julia Mae Hunt.jpg

Julia Hunt

Julia Mae Photography, LLC

How to Rock Your Personal Brand Photography: SELFIES

We will be discussing how to best use photography in your digital marketing to help you connect with and attract your ideal client. We will focus on better selfies; posing, lighting, equipment, backgrounds, and quick editing on your phone!

Rina Jensen - 50 - Rina Jensen.jpg

Rina Jensen

Mental Fitness & Resilience Coach

Why Am I Like This?!

How many times have you face-palmed yourself and screamed WHY AM I LIKE THIS!? Maybe out loud, definitely in your head.


Welcome to the club, you are not alone! 


Because our lives are ruled by our subconscious 95% of the time, we are usually responding in ways that have kept us alive. Sounds dramatic, but it's true. Our subconscious and our ego have one job, to keep us alive. To keep us safe against "them" and to keep us comfortable within our known world. 


Understanding our core coping mechanisms and being Experienced-Informed is essential for personal and professional growth.


Do you know the significance of Real Maple Syrup? You will after this session, you'll be able to relate. 


So if you want insight into your subconscious and why you are the way you are, sit in on my session.

head shot - Jackie Haley.jpg

Jackie Haley

Dream To Author

How to Write a Book - Building Credibility and Sharing Your Message

Do you need to build credibility for your business? Do you have a strong message to share about something you've experienced? Do you want to increase your speaking events and add to your bottom line?  


Learn from award-winning author Jackie Haley the benefits of writing a book and how it can increase speaking fees, build credibility, and increase visibility, making you the next authority figure in your field.  You'll learn what it takes to write a book and how you can become a successful published author within a year. From crafting your message to the publishing process, you'll understand the steps it takes to accomplish your goals and share your amazing message with the world.

Rembert-Michelle-025 - Michelle Rembert.jpg


Momentom3 Mind Body & Beyond, LLC

Can You Hear Me Now?  Build Trust, Enhance Relationships, and Dial Down the Drama by Learning to Listen to Better One Conversation at a Time

Can you hear me now? This catchy, cell phone commercial highlighted a comical view of communication – being able to hear the person on the other end of the call despite varying environmental conditions and geographical locations. On the surface, hearing another person’s words seems quite simple, yet the fact is we are not good listeners. And it is getting increasingly difficult given the speed of technology, reliance on virtual platforms, information overload, and an abundance of daily distractions. In fact, research has shown that 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark- meaning, the person you are talking to does not receive your intended message (or you don’t receive theirs) 90% of the time. Poor listening leads to distrust, assumptions, and misunderstandings. These lead to a lack of team cohesion, disengagement, and drama!


The good news is that listening doesn’t have to be a lost art. Active listening is a critical skill for business owners, teams, and, well, everyone! Better listening leads to better relationships which leads to stronger, more productive teams, which leads to improved engagement and satisfaction across the board.

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