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Session Breakdown


Celeste Rose


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome,

the Silent Saboteur of Success

Unlock your full potential and overcome the limitations of imposter syndrome in this transformative workshop. Discover the truth behind this self-doubt phenomenon and how shifting your relationship with it can be the key to unlocking your confidence. Celeste Rose, Certified Confidence Coach, shares her journey with insecurity and imposter syndrome and how she overcame her “silent saboteur” to become a successful Coach and Founder of the Sensual Leadership Academy. Join Celeste in this empowering session and gain valuable insights and practical strategies for you to claim confidence and step into your power.

Lisa Even_2023-127.jpg

Lisa Even


Building a Memorable Brand that Has Good Ripple Effect

Crafting a distinctive brand can feel hard. Where to even start? In this session, we will talk about how to become known for your brand without a significant time or money investment. We’ll look at how our logos, taglines, social media, and email lists can drive sales and bring Good Ripple Effect for your brand and business!  

Courtney Headshot.jpg

Courtney Buhrow


The Pelvic Floor and Your Quality of Life

The presentation will be focused on holistic women's health care, starting with the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is strongly tied to emotional, mental, and physical health and it can affect many facets of life. When the pelvic floor isn't functioning well it can create quality of life barriers because of embarrassment, feeling alone or isolated, and removing oneself from activities with friends/family. This presentation will be educational and interactive to learn about the pelvic floor, how to engage it, and why it is important for overall health and wellness.


Nora Crosthwaite


Relationship Businesses vs Transactional Businesses: They're NOT the Same!

Once you start a business and see it take off... you get the BUG. What else can you start? What other value can you add? If your first business requires YOU to run it (i.e., you build relationships with clients and provide customized services), you might be tempted to build something completely different the next time around. And you might start dreaming of a business that can be scaled beyond YOU. That's natural! However, do you know the differences between a relationship-based business and more of a scalable transactional business? There are pitfalls to each. I know, because I have two businesses with this very difference. Learn from my a-ha moments! I'll walk you through some of the differences of which to be aware when you're branching out into business #2, #3, or more!


Whitney Warne


YOU Are the Center of Your Business 

As an entrepreneur, YOU are at the center of your business. That officially makes your mental, physical and emotional health your first priority. But as we know all too well, oftentimes, as women and especially women business owners, we put ourselves last. Whitney walks through her journey to the bottom of burnout and the climb out towards creating true, intuitive self-care. Join the conversation and find out why it's important for women in business to come together and take care of ourselves. 


Dawn Hafner and Beth Montpas


Creating Powerhouse Collaborations - more fun, less work, more success, less stress

Beth Montpas and Dawn Hafner are both life coaches in Des Moines. Their clients are from a very similar demographic, and one could view them as competitors, but that's not how Beth and Dawn see it. Instead of competing they decided to co-create through collaboration, joining forces to serve women powerfully with ease. They both bring unique experiences and talents. Beth is an enthusiastic, people-connecting marketing powerhouse and Dawn brings her intuitive energetic connection and brings people to a new place of presence in their lives through meditation and mindset tools. Together in 2023, they have joined together, and the results have been beyond our highest expectations.


Lizz Cobb


Busting through Business Blocks with the Power of Hypnosis

Discuss the pivotal role of your identity in starting, growing and every other stage of your business. If your subconscious identity isn't aligned with your business goals, you will most likely experience procrastination, overthinking, perfectionism and other behaviors to prevent you from growing your dream business. Explore why we can be stuck in our business from a neuroscience and mindset perspective. This is where hypnosis comes in and provides the rocket fuel to bust through internal blocks easily. Discuss how hypnosis create new neuropathways in our brain to promote our desired outcome in our business so that we see ourselves first as that person on the identity level and then easily take the aligned action to grow our business. The power of our words and internal dialogue when it comes to creating what we want in life. Simple reframing strategies to shift from feeling overwhelmed, stressed and the like to feeling empowered and capable with an attitude of joy and fun. Strategies to use now to create a noticeable difference in how you approach your business and what has typically felt hard: visualization, hypnosis, mindset and nervous system regulation.


Hannah Wilson


Simplify Your Spending and Saving Strategies

Take control of your financial future. Bring balance to your budget. You'll learn more about: 1. Setting personal finance goals 2. Balancing saving, spending and borrowing to help achieve your goals 3. Strategies for controlling debt and improving credit scores 4. Practical savings options for now through retirement.

Nady, Jane A.jpg

Jane Nady


Minding Your Mindset: Get Out of Your Own Way

Are you tired of waking up and reliving the same outcome every single day? Do you wonder why no matter what you do, you keep getting the same results? Well, I am here to show you the one thing that is most likely standing in your way…YOU. You are what stands in your way most often, resulting in the same outcomes regardless of which methods you use to tackle the situation. Together, we go on a journey to uncover how and why you may be standing in the way of reaching your goals and how you can make small changes to create a whole different outcome and finally reach the goal you have repeatedly tried to conquer. Come empower yourself to reach new heights with Minding Your Mindset: Get Out of Your Own Way. 

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