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Laura Nguyen


Invest in Your LinkedIn Personal Brand

In the age of digital networking and personal branding, LinkedIn stands out as a powerful tool for professionals to establish and amplify their online presence. However, many individuals struggle to leverage this platform effectively due to insecurities and a lack of clarity on how to align their personal brand with their business brand. In this presentation, you will delve into strategies for maximizing your impact on LinkedIn, from defining your personal brand to crafting engaging content and overcoming barriers to engagement. By the end of this session, you'll be equipped with actionable insights to elevate your LinkedIn presence.


Sara Oyibo & Mandi Borst


DIY Marketing Mastery: Empowering Tools & Strategies for Small Business Owners

Sara and Mandi will give a presentation on how small business owners can implement their own marketing strategies to find success on their own without a huge marketing team. Tools like Canva, ChatGPT, and HubSpot are free, user-friendly, and offer a wide range of capabilities that any beginners can get started using.

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Mindy Carlson & Wendi Fredregill


Finding Your Voice and Community

In Podcasting

Mindy and Wendi both own podcast studios in the Des Moines Metro. We have experienced the value of collaboration and being yourself. We are excited to share details behind the process of podcasting and tools to support small businesses. Whether you think you want to start a podcast or you are interested in being a guest on podcasts to spread the word about what you do, this class is for you!


Rachelle Little


Automate to Elevate: Practical Technology Solutions for Small Business Owners

Discover the power of automation and elevate your small business with practical, cost-effective solutions. This presentation highlights real-world examples and provides actionable insights on integrating automation tools to streamline operations, reduce errors, and boost productivity. Learn how affordable tools can transform your workflow, making your business more efficient and scalable.

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Rachelle Keck 

Speaker - Closing

CEO Mindset:

Running the Business of Me, Inc.

Whether your current professional title includes the letters “CEO”, each of us serve as the de facto CEO of the business of self. And all CEOs are responsible for key functions of the entity they lead: living out the mission, casting a vision, developing and implementing a strategic plan, assessing effectiveness and measuring progress, managing a board of directors, adapting to change. Join Dr. Rachelle Keck as she shares strategies she’s learned from her six CEO positions (3 start-ups and 3 hire-ups), from the halls of justice and to the halls of academia. She will share practical advice, tips, and tactics for growing and leading the business of Me, Inc.


Kelsey Russell


Desire Pulling - "What Do I Want?" Answer This, Find Fulfillment

"What do I want?" Many of us have never slowed down enough to truly consider that question. My goal is to give you the space to do just that. We live in a world of human doings, not human beings. We are all taught to focus on what we should be doing, rather than what we desire in life. We are taught that if we lean into our inner voice or do things besides serving and pleasing others, we will fail. If we truly put ourselves first, we are unkind or selfish. False. I hope to share with you the practice of Desire Pulling, identifying what you want, and giving yourself permission to think deeply about how to design a life that includes more of your desires, passions, and purpose.


Tina Smothers


Seriously, Entrepreneurship is a Journey

In today's dynamic business landscape, the journey of entrepreneurship demands not only strategic acumen but also unwavering belief in oneself. I speak with authenticity on the real-real of business ownership and it is not for the weak. It takes a lot of hustle, time and sacrifice. We will discuss the pivotal aspects of belief, decision-making, and execution that propel small business owners forward and don't keep you caught up in the 'what if' era. I live by "Don't talk about it be about it". Drawing from my personal experiences as a mother of two (ages baby and 12 years old) commuting to work & daycare 2 hours a day as a W2 employee with no savings to an all in business owner showing up everyday with grit. I will provide practical insights on fostering confidence(through relationships and on social media), making critical now decisions, and effectively executing plans amidst the balancing act of family/individual responsibilities.


Tammy Watkinds


Purposeful Peri/MenaPAUSE. Period.

We have come to lament over the thought of our hormones changing as our body shifts to menopause. What if we could incorporate daily habits and practices to support our hormones naturally and embrace the period of ‘rebirth’ we are gifted with aging? Learn the synchronicity and significance of your hormones at various times of the month and ways to support your body (and business) based off of those waves.

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Paula Bell


Brand Brilliance: Elevate Your

Personal Presence

In a world inundated with noise and competition, cultivating a standout personal brand is essential for success. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned professional, or someone simply looking to make a lasting impression, your personal brand sets the stage for your unique identity and influence. Welcome to "Brand Brilliance: Elevate Your Personal Presence" – a dynamic 45-minute workshop designed to empower you to shine brightly in any arena. This workshop is an immersive journey into the core principles and actionable strategies that underpin a compelling personal brand. From crafting your narrative to enhancing your online presence, every facet of your brand will be explored and refined. The workshop begins with an exploration of personal branding fundamentals, delving into the importance of authenticity, consistency, and differentiation. 

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